Saturday, March 3, 2007

Somerville houses: Robinson's Round House

Architect: Enoch Robinson

Year built: 1856

Location: 36 Atherton Street

The Enoch Robinson Round House in Somerville is quite possibly one of the most unique houses in all of Somerville. Sadly, the restoration attempts that were undertaken in the 1970's were never completed. According to Historic Massachusetts, as of August 1999 the HMPD negotiations with the owner regarding renovations, in 1997, haven't been successful. The owner doesn't want to lose any control of the property, yet hasn't made any progress with renovations herself. The HMPD tried to convene a meeting with Board of Aldermen and owner, but the Board of Aldermen doesn't want to get involved. Unfortunately, it is still slowly getting destroyed by the elements since there hasn't been any proper care on the house recently.

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Eben said...

THAT is a singular tragedy. This is a one-of-a-kind building. Should it be lost because of Bureaucratic red tape it would be a testament to failure.

Enoch Robinson was my Great Great Grandmother's brother. I long to see the interior.