Friday, March 9, 2007

Somerville houses: Joseph Q. Twombly House

Circa 1850's Greek Revival/Italianate Style

Joseph Q. Twombly home 1859-1915, built for John Dugan

    Before (1994)
  • Asbestos siding,
  • Original trim boards removed to put up asbestos siding
  • Rotted Porch (built early 1900s to replace what was most likely a bracketed entry)
  • Inappropriate wrought metal used on porch
    After (1997)
  • New clapboard siding specially milled to duplicate original style
  • Seven sided trim boards (duplicated from original boards found under siding and being used as support to nail asbestos siding
  • New porch, typifies more of an Italianate style (see notes)
  • Restored double doors originally hid by storm doors
  • Wood gutters installed

  • Granville manufacturing for clapboard
  • Viking storm windows
  • Contractor: Noble House
  • Paint: Benjamin Moore Trim: HC87 Eggshell finish Body: HC84 Eggshell finish (low-lustre), Doors: California Paint AC-143

    finian said...

    Hi we are about to purchase a beautiful Mansard in somerville but it has structural damage...wondering if you know a good structural engineer? thanks amy

    Jason Murphy said...

    That's a detailed renovation spanning hundreds of years.

    Frosted Glass

    Jackie O'Brien said...

    Sounds like a great renovation. I am curious as to whether you have any structural engineers in Weston MA. My friend just bought a home for sale in Weston MA and is in need of some work to be done in the basement.